Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This is the end Mr Gecko

Painted a quick sketch I made in a plane :).

Sketchup Thumbnails practice

 Hi Guys, if you are wondering why I don't post new arts these days, this is mainly because I try to improve myself and practice a lot on "Google 3-D Sketchup". This is a pretty good way to find cool shots for illustrations and still allows you to keep a library of 3-D elements for future stuff you might need later on. I was not sure to post those but I think this could inspire someone to do the same, why not. Thanks to Matt Kohr for the tips :)

Obviously the first one is for "Big trouble in Plookville" and the last one is some concept for a train carcass found in the snow or a High speed train crash, who knows.....

You can bet one will be my next illustration though, hehe